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Hurricane HarveyPresbyterian Disaster Assistance

Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas coast late Friday, bringing lashing rain and sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. Even as its force has waned, Harvey has brought historic flooding, forcing rivers and streams from their banks, submerging homes, churches, businesses and roads, stranding thousands of people. Your gifts are urgently needed now to support the communities devastated by this historic storm and those throughout the Gulf region who are still in the path of Harvey’s torrential rains. Donate Now.

You can join in the response and encourage those in need by standing in the “GAP” – Give. Act. Pray.


Support Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s emergency response and long-term recovery work in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Designate gifts to DR000169-Harvey.

You can also give with a credit card by visiting presbyterianmission.org/GIVE-HARVEY or by phone at 800-872-3283.

We will be putting together Gift of the Heart kits for survivors during Wellshire Work Night on September 8 at 5:30 pm at the church. Click here to sign-up!

God, our Shelter,
Be a strong presence in the lives of neighbors who, having survived the winds and rains of Harvey, now face grief, uncertainty and weary days. May our generosity in prayer and in tangible signs of support overflow more than floodwaters, to sustain your work of healing and rebuilding and to bring comfort and strength to those who suffer. Amen.

For more information, visit pda.pcusa.org.