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Baptism in Wellshire's ChapelCeremonies

As a community of faith, we experience life’s milestones together. We share in meaningful worship rituals that have been passed on through the generations. We celebrate our greatest joys. We seek comfort during times of loss and grief. And always, we give thanks to God.


In wedding worship, you and your loved one exchange covenant promises before God and a company of witnesses. You join your love together as one, making your vows in the presence of God.

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When you choose baptism for your child or yourself, you choose to enter into a loving Christian community. We will stand with you in times of joy and heartbreak. Together, we’ll strive to help you or your child grow in Christ.

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Through memorial services, we gather as a community and give thanks to God in worship for the life of our loved ones. While we grieve, we do so with the hope and promise of resurrection and reunion.

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