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Local Christian Church in Denver:
Visitors welcome!

Wellshire Sanctuary - exteriorIf you are searching for a local Christian church in south Denver, we welcome you to Wellshire Presbyterian Church. We are an upbeat, inter-generational church that attracts visitors from across the Denver area.

We offer local worship services to Christians who live in the community, are new to Denver, or are traveling through Denver.

Many visitors come to our local Christian church for the first time to attend Easter Sunday service, Christmas Eve service or Christmas service. While our Easter and Christmas services are very popular, we welcome visitors throughout the year.

Women's retreatThe people who call our Christian church “home”

Our church has a “big tent” philosophy, meaning we welcome people with different view points and backgrounds. Our visitors and members grew up in a range of churches — including Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, United Church of Christ, non-denominational and Catholic.

When people are looking for local places of worship to serve as their new church home, our Presbyterian church tends to appeal to two types of people.

The first group is in transition. For example, they may be:

  • Going through a life event, such as moving to the Denver area, getting married, or having a baby. They’re looking for a local church with a strong sense of community to grow their faith.
  • Missing something familiar in their lives. They long for the comfort of the Presbyterian experience they had in their youth.
  • Frustrated with their current church. They’re looking for local places of worship that have less rigid doctrine. They’re more interested in questions than absolutes.
  • Caught in a time of need. They’re seeking a local Christian church that offers comfort and acceptance.

The second group is in a very established and solid place in their lives… but they’re looking for a greater sense of purpose. They want to find a local Christian church that can help them grow and give back to the community.

View of the Sanctuary from the Choir LoftVisitors, we invite you to join us for local worship…

Please learn more about our worship services and how to visit Wellshire Church.