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Sermon And Video Archive


Kira Anderson, Associate Pator, staff member at Wellshire Church

Indecision Isn’t Neutral ~ May 29, 2016

Rev. Kira Anderson 1 Kings 18:20-21, 30-39 We try to have it all — or at least have it both ways. To put it another way, we cannot serve two gods. Look at Elijah and the followers of Baal in the Book of Kings: by not choosing between Baal or God, they were choosing —…

Bearers of Blessing ~ May 22, 2016

Rev. Dr. John Philip Newell, Guest Preacher Numbers 6:22-27 & Luke 6:27-31 Celtic scholar John Philip Newell visited Wellshire in May 2016 to provide a Friday evening lecture, Saturday workshop, and sermon in Sunday worship.

John Bell, Pastor and Head of Staff at Wellshire Church

To Love and Obey ~ May 15, 2016

Rev. Dr. John H. Bell, Jr. John 14:8-28 This Pentecost sermon speaks about the fundamental unifying work of the Spirit of God, reminding Christians of our responsibility for reconciliation in the world.

Katie Robb Davis, Associate Pastor, staff member at Wellshire Church

Looking Up Toward Heaven ~ May 8, 2016

Rev. Katie Robb Davis Acts 1:1-11 Rev. Katie Robb Davis preached on the story of Jesus’ ascension from Acts 1:1-11, emphasizing the move of the disciples from gazing skyward to looking out as witnesses to the ends of the earth to see God’s spirit at the depth of all life.


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