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John Bell, Pastor and Head of Staff at Wellshire Church

A Cloud of Witnesses ~ November 1, 2015

Rev. Dr. John H. Bell, Jr. Hebrews 11:1-12:2 This All Saints’ Sunday sermon is based on the Bible’s “Hall of Fame,” found in Hebrews 11. In it, Dr. Bell suggests that the proverbial “cloud of witnesses that surround us” sets an example for us and inspires us, while noting it is important for us to…

Kira Anderson, Associate Pator, staff member at Wellshire Church

Connected by Grace ~ October 25, 2015

Rev. Kira Anderson 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 How do we be the church? A true community working as the body of Christ? Do we tolerate each other or our neighbors? Yes, the world would be a better place if we were all at least a bit more tolerant of others’ differences, but we are called to…

The Work of the Lord! ~ October 18, 2015

Rev. Matorofa Mutonganavo Acts 2:44-47 Wellshire welcomed the Rev. Matorofa Mutonganavo to the pulpit on October 18 (upon which Children’s Sabbath was observed); Rev. Mutonganavo is a minister in the Presbytery of Zimbabwe and visited Colorado as a delegate within the Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries (PZDP), which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year….

John Bell, Pastor and Head of Staff at Wellshire Church

A Thankful Samaritan ~ October 11, 2015

Rev. Dr. John H. Bell, Jr. Luke 17:11-19 This sermon, based on The Ten Lepers (Luke 17:11-19), continues the Grace and Gratitude series. Dr. Bell makes several points about the spiritual significance of gratitude, noting that expressing gratitude is difficult for many people before he concludes with a word about healing.

Welcoming God’s “Children” ~ October 4, 2015

Greg Allen-Pickett Mark 9:33-37; Mark 10:13-16 Delivered on World Communion Sunday, this sermon by Greg Allen-Pickett (a former staff member at Wellshire and current General Manager of the Presbyterian Mission Agency) encourages people to love the “strangers” as God loves them; Greg’s message acts as a call to action and advocacy on the behalf of…