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Sermon And Video Archive


Rev. Dr. John H. Bell Jr.

The Church of the Living Dead ~ August 3, 2014

Rev. Dr. John H. Bell, Jr. The Revelation to John 3:1-6 Dr. Bell addresses the letter to Sardis. Among other things, the risen Christ says to the church, “You have a name [reputation] for being alive, but you are dead.” What kind of reputation do you have? And does it fit reality in the Kingdom…

Rev. Katie Robb Davis

The Message to Pergamum ~ July 20, 2014

Rev. Katie Robb Davis The Revelation to John 2:12-17 Continuing the summer sermon series, Apocalypse WOW!, Rev. Katie Robb Davis preaches on the letter to the church in Pergamum.  This church was both commended for its loyalty to Christ in the face of cultural pressure to do otherwise and was chastised for the few who…

Communion Is Connection ~ July 13, 2014

Rev. Dr. Fred Wollerman Matthew 14:13-21 In his last sermon while on staff at Wellshire before retirement, the Rev. Dr. Fred Wollerman explores how communion connects the body of Christ literally through the bread as the body , broken for us, and the cup as the blood shed for us.  We’re all in this together…


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