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Sermon And Video Archive


Rev. Dr. John H. Bell Jr.

#blessed ~ January 4, 2015

Rev. Dr. John H. Bell, Jr. John 1:1-18 This sermon appropriate for the New Year speaks of blessings. Dr. Bell suggests that the word “blessed” is overused and often misused today. On the other hand, Christians have been blessed with every spiritual blessing, as enumerated by the Apostle Paul.

Kira Stringer

The One Who Said Yes ~ December 21, 2014

Rev. Kira Stringer Luke 1:26-38 It probably should not surprise us that we can learn a lot from the Mother, the woman God trusted with Christ as a helpless infant. Mary answered a courageous “yes!” to God’s calling. While we do not know everything Mary knew when she said yes, we do know that she…


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