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Sermon And Video Archive


Rev. Dr. John H. Bell Jr.

What Is Love? ~ May 25, 2014

Rev. Dr. John Bell This sermon comes in two parts: first, Dr. Bell walks through his understanding of “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” proposing that this is not a claim for religious exclusivity. Then, he turns attention to the second part of John 14 which speaks of love and obedience.

Rev. Dr. John H. Bell Jr.

The Eighth Meal ~ May 4, 2014

Rev. Dr. John Bell This sermon is based on the discussion between Jesus and two disciples on the road to Emmaus. In the breaking of the bread, their eyes were opened. Dr. Bell makes two points out of this regarding fellowship and hospitality.

Rev. Dr. John H. Bell Jr.

A New Day ~ April 20, 2014

Rev. Dr. John Bell Dr. Bell’s Easter sermon A New Day (or Not Your Grandparents’ Easter) opens with a nod toward the darkness of the pre-dawn hour then turns to the promise and hope of A New Day. He applies “the new day” hope and promise at a personal level and at an ecclesiastical level, for indeed, it…

Rev. Katie Robb Davis

God’s Kind of King ~ April 13, 2014

Rev. Katie Robb Davis Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a donkey declared his peaceful nature, but so many other rulers try to declare power. As we are faced with the powers that be which challenge us, do we respond in kind or follow God’s kind of king?


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