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Sermon And Video Archive


Rev. Katie Robb Davis

God’s Kind of King ~ April 13, 2014

Rev. Katie Robb Davis Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a donkey declared his peaceful nature, but so many other rulers try to declare power. As we are faced with the powers that be which challenge us, do we respond in kind or follow God’s kind of king?

Death and Taxes ~ April 6, 2014

Rev. Dr. John Bell This short sermon, Death and Taxes, is about resurrection, revival, and regeneration. Leaping off the stories of The Valley of the Dry Bones and The Raising of Lazarus, Dr. Bell challenges the congregation to be unbound and live!

Amazing Grace ~ March 30, 2014

Rev. Dr. John Bell This sermon by Dr. Bell is a reflection on John Chapter 9, in which a blind man is healed. Dr. Bell talks about sight and faith before suggesting that faith changes the Christian perspective on sin, fear, and people.  

Jonathan Ytterock

Thirsty, but the Wells Are Dry ~ March 23, 2014

Johnathan Ytterock We all visit our own wells to try and satisfy our longings for identity and meaning in life. But, like the Samaritan woman, we can leave our water jars at the well because Christ offers us something so much greater – Living water, the Holy Spirit poured into our hearts.    

Rev. Dr. John H. Bell Jr.

Born of the Spirit ~ March 16, 2014

Rev. Dr. John Bell This sermon, based on John 3:1-17, is about the challenging topic of being born “from above” or “born again.” First, Dr. Bell dissects Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus before turning his attention to the most beloved Bible verse – John 3:16.


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