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Dear Friends of Wellshire,

The Annual Report was distributed on Sunday, August 19, and includes some of the highlights of the past year. Wellshire members and staff always want to “do more,” of course. But I think you will read that we are a very vital church, doing much good in Denver and around the world.

This past year will be remembered as the year dominated by the One Wellshire campaign for Narthex expansion and Sanctuary renovation. During 2017, we made a pitch to you for funding, and we turned over the entire north end of our building in January 2018 to the contractor and architects. Barring any surprises, the work should be completed in October, and we can “move back in” during November.

I want to humbly ask for your continued patience during this time. I know parking is limited and entering the building is a challenge. Our worship and music are admittedly “compromised.” Due to our compact worship space, the temporary loss of the organ, and staffing issues, we simply cannot offer the variety and vibrancy that we historically have been able to do. It feels to some like we are out wandering the wilderness!

But borrowing two Biblical phrases, know that “this too shall pass” … “in the blink of an eye.” In a few short months, we will move back into an open, light, spacious, welcoming Narthex and resume worship in an updated Sanctuary that offers more flexibility and improved function. If you want a sneak peek, come down during a week day and a staff member will be happy to get you a hard hat and show you around.

Financially, the project is “within budget.” However, costs levied on us by the City for water delivery and additional fire safety measures, combined with a couple of challenging issues in the demolition phase, have stretched the project thin. If any of you wish to give any amount to enhance the project, it is needed and would be most beneficial! Any member of the building committee, Chuck Sparks (csparks@wpcdenver.org), or I would be happy to discuss specifics.

Wellshire Presbyterian Church is a true community of hope.

Let us give thanks to God for the good work, and to God be the glory!


Rev. Dr. John H. Bell, Jr., Pastor
Wellshire Presbyterian Church
Denver, Colorado

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