Hunger Task Force Christmas Food Boxes

Brighter Days Christmas Food Boxes

The Hunger Task Force needs your help (and vehicle) to home-deliver good food from God to Denver’s needy families this Christmas. It’s a cherished Christian endeavor that’s been our privilege to originate and serve for over twenty-five years.

Help pack boxes:
Saturday, December 14
1:00 pm | Lower Level
The Brighter Days “Food Store” will be open for all who come to fill orders and pack boxes. (You may take boxes on Saturday to deliver on Sunday, if you wish.)

Help deliver boxes:
Sunday, December 15
8:30 am | West Parking Lot
Wellshire members and friends begin delivery of packed boxes to needy folks in a variety of nearby Denver zip codes. Vehicles will be loaded from the west parking lot. All orders contain Christmas greetings, a map, gift certificates, and instructions for quick and easy delivery.

Please join us in continuing this very special Wellshire tradition of Christmas food delivery.

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