Helping Schmitt Families

This is a strange time we’re living in. As we are pulled physically apart from our Wellshire community, it’s important to know that our call to serve and love still exists.

With the closure of schools last week, the Schmitt Elementary students are now spending their time at home playing and learning. Thankfully, Denver Public Schools continues to offer breakfast and lunch for those students in need who can get to a few designated sites. However, there are many Schmitt families who cannot travel, or need more support than just food. We have been in touch with our partners at Schmitt Elementary and they have identified 20 families with especially high needs at this time. We now have a wonderful opportunity to serve them while maintaining our social distance.

Blessing Boxes: add a few extra items to your grocery list or Amazon delivery, then drop these items at the door step of a Schmitt family during a designated time. Items can include:

  •  non-perishable food items
  • paper products (TP, paper towels)
  • cleaning supplies
  • books
  • coloring or art supplies
  • letters of support or drawings from your children

Sign up here. Just like with the Hunger Task Force Christmas baskets, you’ll receive the address and phone number of the family to coordinate the drop off (while maintaining distance!).

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