Friends of Wellshire, a prayer for you.

A Prayer for Teachers

Give them rest dear Jesus. Give our children’s teachers a summer of rest.

We praise you for the many teachers and their special call to educate. Lord we thank you for their dedication requiring countless hours of overtime with insufficient pay. We know their hearts for our children, their knowledge of each of their students and their individual learning needs, and for that we are grateful.

Without sufficient training or support they educated our children remotely – with babies in their laps and cats on their desks. They have brought joy into our homes. Lord, we do not know what next school year will look like, but we pray resilience for them. Restore their energy and imagination to return and do it again.

We pray you put each teacher’s broken heart back together. A school building is an equalizer Lord for the many societal and equality issues your children face. The inequalities witnessed from kitchen tables broke hearts Lord: the kids who require special instruction they didn’t receive, who are without internet, computers, and parental oversight, and who, without school, went hungry; and oh, so many more reasons only they and you know Lord, mend their broken hearts.

God, these saints were called to be teachers by you, to connect with your beloved children. Teaching over screens cannot replace what they do in a classroom, but we pray Lord that they know their efforts are enough. They are enough. And for each teacher you gave our children Lord, we thank you.

Give them rest dear Jesus. Give our children’s teachers a summer of rest.


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