Friends of Wellshire, a prayer for you.

Prayer for the Class of 2020
Compassionate God, for many of us these days feel like an exile. We remember that your people have walked through exile of many different kinds. You walked with them, and you walk with us now, your Spirit is with us. We pray for the senior class of 2020. It’s an honor to join you in affirming and celebrating the creative, athletic, and academic accomplishments of those who are graduating and moving on to the next chapter of their lives. May your grace be sufficient during these strange and uncertain days. We pray for students who did not realize that an ordinary school day just like any other might be their only closure to a lifetime of education as they waved goodbye to each other when the bell rang. Be and abide with the class of 2020.

May they find a deep breath of peace and love when the air is thin. Be with them when their grief wells up and when they mourn the loss of experiences that might have been. As dates of importance pass by unrecognized, sit with them in their grief: over prom, over sports, over awards nights, over graduation. Be and abide with our students, O God.

And now, Holy God, as they move into an uncertain future now more than ever, we entrust them into your care. You have created these beautiful young people in your image. You have created them to live inside a big story, not a small one—your story—the story in which your glory and honor and truth and beauty and grace and love are at the center—the story in which your mission to love people, places, and things to life—to leave the world better than they found it—is the central mission. God, we pray that our graduates’ future schools, homes, neighborhoods, and places of study, of work, play, and worship, would be better places, more life-giving places, because they are in those places. Where they see hurt, give them healing hands and healing words. Where they sense confusion, give them wisdom. Where there perceive beauty, give them a sense of thankfulness and wonder. Where they encounter scarcity, give them a heart and a passion to contribute and serve. May they love and be loved.  

May this season of separated celebration still manage to surprise us all with new life even if it’s not the life that we expected. Help us to experience resurrection in new ways through the person of your Son. We pray for the class of 2020 and for each of us in the name of the one who walks this journey with us, even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Adapted from prayers by the Rev. Michelle Thomas-Bush (Myers Park Presbyterian Church, posted on the Presbyterian Outlook

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