Find Your Star Words for 2021

Star Words
Star Words

Star Words

At Wellshire we have a tradition of choosing a “Star Word” for the New Year. These inspirational words are meant to be a starting point for reflection and action through the coming year.

Usually, we are able to randomly choose the word which has been written on a paper star, out of basket. Some words will be mailed out to our members this year, but we recognize that you may need more Star Words for 2021. If you need a Star Word, please choose a number between 1 and 184, and then look it up on the list below. (If you’d like, you can generate a random number on Google here.)

Match your number with the corresponding Star Word from the list below:

1. assurance
2. integrity
3. graciousness
4. patience
5. humor
6. responsibility
7. discipline
8. singing
9. reliability
10. kindness
11. nature
12. goodness
13. rest
14. acclaim
15. reverence
16. zeal
17. community
18. spontaneous
19. prayer
20. closure
21. hospitality
22. equality
23. affirmation
24. acceptance
25. teaching
26. compassion
27. balance
28. empathy
29. single-mindedness
30. appreciation
31. family
32. praise
33. purpose
34. recreation
35. waiting
36. clarity
37. servanthood
38. inspiration
39. healing
40. protection
41. pardon
42. endurance
43. nurture
44. happiness
45. contemplation
46. enjoy
47. quiet
48. mindful
49. simplicity
50. thankfulness

51. organization
52. knowledge
53. justice
54. awareness
55. thoughtfulness
56. trust
57. life
58. leadership
59. generosity
60. cheerfulness
61. power
62. connect
63. strength
64. companionship
65. see
66. speaking
67. journey
68. gratitude
69. fellowship
70. creation
71. honesty
72. presence
73. self-control
74. accountability
75. feeling
76. wonder
77. center
78. growing
79. wisdom
80. service
81. playfulness
82. offer
83. participation
84. preparation
85. calm
86. excitement
87. courage
88. optimism
89. innocence
90. boldness
91. vision
92. sincerity
93. writing
94. loyalty
95. serenity
96. experience
97. flexibility
98. respect
99. sharing
100. equity

101. harmony
102. conviction
103. light
104. willingness
105. celebration
106. comfort
107. yes
108. witness
109. cherish
110. listening
111. rejoicing
112. art
113. humility
114. joy
115. brightness
116. dedication
117. charity
118. hope
119. dependability
120. friendship
121. insight
122. persistence
123. jubilation
124. foresight
125. genuineness
126. music
127. restraint
128. delight
129. love
130. determination
131. commitment
132. giving
133. walking
134. health
135. steadfastness
136. forgiveness
137. touch
138. focus
139. curiosity
140. renewal
141. discern
142. welcome
143. faith
144. grace
145. solitude
146. caring
147. obedience
148. mercy
149. time
150. selflessness

151. confidence
152. enthusiasm
153. righteousness
154. imagination
155. observe
156. honor
157. sensitivity
158. helping
159. gentleness
160. openness
161. understanding
162. build
163. peace
164. stability
165. tranquility
166. value
167. unity
168. marvel
169. proclamation
170. responsiveness
171. contentment
172. carry
173. judgment
174. illumination
175. perceive
176. encouragement
177. affirmation
178. creativity
179. foundation
180. truth
181. meditate
182. guidance
183. tenderness
184. laughter

Tabletop Theology Videos With Dr. Bell

Tabletop Theology with Doctor Bell
Tabletop Theology logo

Tabletop Theology:
A Light-Hearted Conversation about Serious Topics

Pull up a chair at a table, grab your favorite beverage, and join in to short videos of Dr. Bell answering Abbie Amiotte’s wide-ranging questions about all things theology – unscripted! You can send YOUR questions to Abbie at to hear Dr. Bell’s thoughts. New episodes drop available on Facebook and YouTube.

Wellshire Is A Matthew 25 Church

Matthew 25 banner
Matthew 25 banner

We Are a Matthew 25 Church

The Wellshire Session has voted to join our PC(USA) denomination’s initiative and become a “Matthew 25 Church.”

Matthew 25 recalls the story of the sheep and the goats, where the king reminds those who have asked when they served him, “just as you did it to one of the least of these…you did it to me.” Matthew 25 churches answer the call to look outside of themselves, to feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, care for the sick, visit the prisoner.

Learn more here

Worship Online: Sunday at 9:00 am

Worship livestream begins at 9 am
Worship livestream begins at 9 am

Worship Online With Us on Sundays


Watch our online worship services on:

Worshiping Together Online:

Watch the Facebook livestreaming at 9:00 am (you can watch even without a Facebook account). The livestream will begin approximately 5 minutes prior to worship time. Visit

If you do have a Facebook account, comment on the video post to let us know you’re watching so we can connect with you.  You will also be able to view the recorded service after the fact via the Wellshire website or Facebook page.

Let us be faithful in our prayer for those nations, communities, families and individuals most affected by this outbreak, and for the medical personnel and government officials seeking to respond

Explore The Bible Walkthrough Blog!

The Walkthrough Bible Blog by Wellshire Presbyterian Church Denver Colorado

Adult Education: “The Walkthrough” Blog

During this season of life, we hope to cover quite a range of thoughts, feelings, reactions, and responses. We hope to show that you are not alone but are joined with people not just from your church family, but the faithful throughout our history. In Wellshire’s blog “The Walkthrough”, one Bible passage will be surveyed each Sunday. Together we will examine the Biblical passages and interpretations through music, art, poetry, contemplation, and meditation. Add your voice through comments and questions in the Comments section.

Christmas Eve Worship at Home

Christmas eve live stream times
Christmas Eve livestream worship times

Christmas Eve Worship at Home

Please join Wellshire Church online for a Christmas Eve Service as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!
Livestreaming on Facebook at:

4:00 pm: Family Worship Service – the prelude will start at about 3:50 pm
7:00 pm: Traditional Candlelight Service – the prelude will start about 6:50 pm


Watch on YouTube after 8:00 am on December 24.

Celebrate Home Advent 2020

Home Advent 2020

Advent in Wellshire Homes!

Join Wellshire pastors and staff for part Advent celebration, part Advent study.

Sign up to join the Zoom group one time per week during Advent.

Sundays –  at 10:00 am
Mondays –  at 7:00 pm
Wednesdays –  at 8:00 pm

Click to RSVP (you will be re-directed to Sign-up Genius)

Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes Book

Wellshire’s worship and study will be guided this year by the book Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes by Cynthia M. Campbell.

Purchase Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes here (Barnes & Noble)

Contact Kendal for more information.

Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes
Home Advent Devotional

We invite you to a virtual party with each of the four writers of the Gospels: Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. We will be using the book Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes by Cynthia M. Campbell to guide us, but you will not need the book to use this devotional. Each week we will visit the imagined home of one of the authors of the four Gospels, exploring what part of the Christmas story they are focusing on and hearing the different perspectives on why we celebrate the birth of Jesus. This devotional will provide scripture passages to explore and questions to ponder as we approach the hallowed story of God becoming human. Click here to download a printable copy of the devotional.

Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes Videos

Mark’s House

Matthew’s House

Luke’s House

John’s House

Advent Worship Videos

November 29, 2020

December 6, 2020

December 13, 2020

December 20, 2020

Help the Hunger Task Force Deliver Christmas Food Boxes

Hunger Task Force
Hunger Task Force

Share the Spirit of the Season

Help the Hunger Task Force to deliver Christmas Food Boxes

In loving memory of Temple Bell and Donna Truskolaski
The Hunger Task Force (HTF) is not going to let a pandemic stop us from blessing as many families as possible during this year’s Christmas Season. Our inspiration comes from Temple and Donna, who were dedicated and appreciated members of the Hunger Task Force for many, many years. We invite you to adopt their “can do” attitudes, and join us in pursuit of our goal of serving 100 families this year.
Thank you from the Hunger Task Force
Thanks to you, all the Christmas Food Box families have been assigned. We look forward to seeing you on the evening of December 13 in the east parking lot to drop off your food for the Schmitt families and for those shopping and delivering to pick up the gift cards for your family.

A Light In The City: Living Nativity & More!

A light in the city: Christmas lights and living nativity
A light in the city: Christmas lights and living nativity

A Light in the City

December 13, 2020 | 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Drive to Wellshire for Christmas lights, brass music and a living nativity!
Begin at 2901 S. Colorado Blvd. and enjoy a guided drive-thru of Wellshire’s parking lots to experience Christmas lights, Christmas carols by the Wellshire Brass and the narrated Living Nativity with live actors and animals.