Variations on a Theme ~ July 3, 2016

Rev. Bill Davis, Guest Preacher

July 3, 2016

Psalm 150

The Rev. Bill Davis (pastor at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Northglenn, husband of the Rev. Katie Robb Davis, and cellist) visited Wellshire during the Create-ivity: Living Artfully Summer Sermon Series to preach on the art of music and play his cello.

About the artist: The Rev. Bill Davis is pastor of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Northglenn, Colorado and the husband of Wellshire’s Rev. Katie Robb Davis. A graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary and Candler School of Theology, Bill focused his studies on liturgical practice and theology (what we do in worship and why we do it). When he’s not stirring up too much trouble around the church, he can be found hanging out with Katie and their son, Coulter. Bill serves the wider denomination in the Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators and by planning Montreat Youth Conferences.

Youth Sunday 2016 ~ February 7, 2016

Youth Sunday

mobile app logo 1Wellshire High School Seniors

Luke 6:37-45

God created us all equal. Our differences are a gift, and we are each an important part of God’s creation. It is easier to judge others for the speck in their eye than to recognize that we each have a log in our own eye. We should love others and recognize that we are not “better” than them. God loves us all.

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The Work of the Lord! ~ October 18, 2015

mobile app logo 1Rev. Matorofa Mutonganavo

Acts 2:44-47

Wellshire welcomed the Rev. Matorofa Mutonganavo to the pulpit on October 18 (upon which Children’s Sabbath was observed); Rev. Mutonganavo is a minister in the Presbytery of Zimbabwe and visited Colorado as a delegate within the Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries (PZDP), which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Rev. Mutonganavo preached on Acts 2:44-47, expounding on how God ultimately is the one who grows the church, though we act as instruments of the work of the Lord.

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