Colorado columbine flowerDenver Memorial Services: “Witness to the Resurrection”

If you are in need of Denver memorial services for a loved one, we hope we can assist you during this difficult time. In the spirit of comfort and remembrance, our church is here to help you arrange a memorial service for your loved one in Witness to the Resurrection.

At the time of a loved one’s death, Wellshire Presbyterian Church offers love and hope to all who grieve. Our memorial services give the Denver community an opportunity to gather together in worship and give thanks for the life of the loved one who passed.

Through a memorial service, we are reminded of the promise of resurrection and reunion. While it is important to grieve, we do not bear sadness and grief alone. We are sustained by the power of the Spirit and our community of faith.

Planning a memorial at Wellshire Presbyterian Church

Flowers in the sanctuary for a memorial serviceWhen a death has occurred, a family member should contact Beth Hamstra to make arrangements for a memorial service. A Wellshire minister will provide spiritual counseling and plan the Witness to the Resurrection worship service with your family.

Whether your family and friends are from Denver, Colorado or traveling from afar, we will help you remember your loved one with grace. We take great care, from planning memorial services to helping you arrange an appropriate reception for our church venue.

As part of our ministry of love and hope for those in grief, a Wellshire minister will also join you in committing your loved one to the earth, whether it’s in the Wellshire memorial garden, at a local cemetery, or at a military cemetery. This religious service of committal is available to members of our congregation, former members, and their immediate families. We can assist your family in making these arrangements.

In additional to memorial services, we offer caring ministries to assist you during times of grief. Please take a moment to learn more.

Memorial services for non-members

In some instances, memorial services may be available for those who were not members of Wellshire Presbyterian Church. To be eligible, a Wellshire minister must conduct the service and eulogy. The order of worship and music must be in line with Presbyterian tradition, and your loved one must have been a professing Christian.

Please contact our memorial services coordinator, Beth Hamstra, for details.