Hunger Task Force

Hunger Task Force: Sharing the Spirit of the Season


Pandemic Style

In loving memory of Temple Bell and Donna Truskolaski
The Hunger Task Force (HTF) is not going to let a pandemic stop us from blessing as many families as possible during this year’s Christmas Season. Our inspiration comes from Temple and Donna, who were dedicated and appreciated members of the Hunger Task Force for many, many years. We invite you to adopt their “can do” attitudes, and join us in pursuit of our goal of serving 100 families this year.

To keep everyone safe from the Corona Virus, we’ve come up with the following plan:

Step #1 – Volunteer

Between November 29th – December 10th, let us know how you’d like to help.  There are multiple ways you can lend a hand:

  1. Shop for and deliver to specific families (we’ll provide a list of suggested items, or you can call and find out if your family has specific needs).
  2. Shop only and be partnered with a deliverer
  3. Deliver only
  4. Make a financial contribution to the Hunger Task Force

Please consider asking your neighbors, friends, family, girl or boy scout troop, book club, bridge or poker club, co-workers ( you get the idea) to help.  


Step #2 – Take Action & engage in Wellshire’s Matthew 25 challenge

HTF will use its total Christmas budget of $7,000.00 to purchase King Soopers gift cards (benefiting Wellshire’s Youth in the process).  The gift cards, along with a letter from Dr. Bell, will delivered to each of the 100 families.  Here’s what to do:

  • On Sunday, December 13 , from 4:30 to 7:00 pm, pick up gift cards for your families in the East parking lot.  If you can’t make it at that time, HTF elves will be available to bring these gift cards to you.
  • After receiving the gift cards and doing your shopping, call your family/families to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery.

HTF elves will be listed, and are available to answer questions or aid your efforts in any way.   

Make a donation to the Hunger Task Force by completing the form below.

Step #3 – Accept Our Gratitude

The Hunger Task Force, along with our angels Temple Bell and Donna Truskolaski, thank you for joining the effort to provide much needed food and Christmas cheer to these 100 families. 

Questions? Contact Karen Uhrich.