Mid and High Schoolers: Register for the New Wilmington Online Mission Conference

New Wilmington Mission Conference online

Wellshire Middle and High Schoolers are INVITED to a free online event!

Wellshire Youth is excited to invite you to join the virtual celebration of the New Wilmington Mission Conference (NWMC), July 17-19! While this may sound like a mouthful of churchy words strung together, this is shaping up quite spectacularly.

NWMC is an intergenerational mission conference that began over 115 years ago, offering a combination of age-specific programming and conference-wide experiences. Conference typically takes place at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA; this year they’re going digital.


Over the weekend of July 17-19, there will be a combination of those same age-specific programs with a few conference wide gatherings. In addition to the really, really good MS/HS speakers, there will be a high quality intergenerational/main session speaker. The unbelievable cherry on top, is that the worship leader for main sessions, Ben Chavez, just spent the pre-COVID part of this year traveling with Broadway’s Aladdin. I got the chance to lead worship with him a few years ago, and we are in for something special.

What to Do

Register at this link: nwmcmission.org. IT’S FREE! Then let Carl Anderson know at baldguycarl@gmail.com, so we can think through ways to connect to process content. This opportunity is for BOTH middle school and high school.

Knowing the people they have in place, NWMC has the potential to make the corona life not as bad. Plus, I am confident Jesus will show up. (NWMC)

Worship Online: Sunday at 9:00 am

blessings summer sermon series at Wellshire Church in Denver
blessings summer sermon series at Wellshire Church in Denver

Worship Online With Us on Sundays


Watch our online worship services on:

Worshiping Together Online:

Watch the Facebook livestreaming at 9:00 am (you can watch even without a Facebook account). The livestream will begin approximately 10 minutes prior to worship time. Visit wpcdenver.org/wellshire-on-facebook/

If you do have a Facebook account, comment on the video post to let us know you’re watching so we can connect with you.  You will also be able to view the recorded service after the fact via the Wellshire website or Facebook page.

Let us be faithful in our prayer for those nations, communities, families and individuals most affected by this outbreak, and for the medical personnel and government officials seeking to respond

Explore The Bible Walkthrough Blog!

The Walkthrough Bible Blog by Wellshire Presbyterian Church Denver Colorado

Adult Education: “The Walkthrough” Blog

During this season of life, we hope to cover quite a range of thoughts, feelings, reactions, and responses. We hope to show that you are not alone but are joined with people not just from your church family, but the faithful throughout our history. In Wellshire’s blog “The Walkthrough”, one Bible passage will be surveyed each Sunday. Together we will examine the Biblical passages and interpretations through music, art, poetry, contemplation, and meditation. Add your voice through comments and questions in the Comments section.

Join the 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge

21 day racial equity challenge

21 Day Racial Equity Challenge

You are invited to join us and churches around the nation in a 21-day racial equity challenge. Through exposure to a variety of voices in videos, podcasts, and articles, we can listen, learn and grow, and be equipped to help make real change.


New Bible Study Videos

Reverend Julia Fenn at Wellshire Presbyterian Church
Adult Education Bible Study

Rev. Julia Fenn is back on the Wellshire YouTube channel with a new Adult Education offering. Join in a study of the Letters to the Churches from Revelation, new videos weekly.

Tuesday Prayer ~ A Prayer for Teachers

Tuesday Prayer

Friends of Wellshire, a prayer for you.

A Prayer for Teachers

Give them rest dear Jesus. Give our children’s teachers a summer of rest.

We praise you for the many teachers and their special call to educate. Lord we thank you for their dedication requiring countless hours of overtime with insufficient pay. We know their hearts for our children, their knowledge of each of their students and their individual learning needs, and for that we are grateful.

Without sufficient training or support they educated our children remotely – with babies in their laps and cats on their desks. They have brought joy into our homes. Lord, we do not know what next school year will look like, but we pray resilience for them. Restore their energy and imagination to return and do it again.

We pray you put each teacher’s broken heart back together. A school building is an equalizer Lord for the many societal and equality issues your children face. The inequalities witnessed from kitchen tables broke hearts Lord: the kids who require special instruction they didn’t receive, who are without internet, computers, and parental oversight, and who, without school, went hungry; and oh, so many more reasons only they and you know Lord, mend their broken hearts.

God, these saints were called to be teachers by you, to connect with your beloved children. Teaching over screens cannot replace what they do in a classroom, but we pray Lord that they know their efforts are enough. They are enough. And for each teacher you gave our children Lord, we thank you.

Give them rest dear Jesus. Give our children’s teachers a summer of rest.


Men’s Bible Study

Wednesday Men’s Bible Study

The weekly morning men’s bible study has moved online. We are connecting via Zoom at 8:00 am on Wednesdays. All men are welcome! Email Ted Kempton for login details.

Support Team Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Mission Partnership
Donate Today!

Wellshire has been a long time supporter of Zimbabwe Mission Partnership and the Heather Chimhoga Orphan Center (HCOC).

About the Campaign

Our 11th Annual Ride for Hope!

Team Zimbabwe rides the Elephant Rock every year to help bring hope to about 800 orphans and vulnerable children at Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care in rural Zimbabwe. These children depend on us for daily meals, medical support, school fees and much more.

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things. But one thing it hasn’t changed is that these children need our help. And it hasn’t changed our resolve to help them. Elephant Rock has been tentatively rescheduled for October 10 and 11. But who knows if it will happen?

What we do know is that 800 orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe desperately need our help – right now.

Learn more about our cause at www.zimpartnership.org

Questions?  Contact Beth Hamstra.




Donate by writing a check for any amount to Wellshire Church with Team Wellshire in the memo. Or, give now by completing the form below.

Whether you’re a bike-rider or a check-“rider”, your participation helps feed, clothe, provide medical help, and pay school fees for approximately 1,000 orphans. This event provides half of the annual budget of the HCOC.

Team Zimbabwe