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Watch the Facebook livestreaming at 9:00 am (you can watch even without a Facebook account). The livestream will begin approximately 10 minutes prior to worship time. Visit wpcdenver.org/wellshire-on-facebook/

If you do have a Facebook account, comment on the video post to let us know you’re watching so we can connect with you.  You will also be able to view the recorded service after the fact via the Wellshire website or Facebook page.

Let us be faithful in our prayer for those nations, communities, families and individuals most affected by this outbreak, and for the medical personnel and government officials seeking to respond

Explore The Psalms Blog!

Explore the Psalms blog by Wellshire Presbyterian Church

Adult Education: Exploring The Psalms

Beginning Sunday, April 19, Wellshire will Explore the Psalms in lieu of adult Education held on Sunday morning. Together we will examine the Biblical passages and interpretations through music, art, poetry, contemplation, and meditation.
The Psalms invite us into pain and passion; the Psalms nourish and nurture; the Psalms connect us to Christ. The Psalms seem ever relevant during this time of global pandemic and may function as a voice of faith in this time of darkness.
Explore with us on Wellshire’s new blog, www.blog.wpcdenver.org.  One Psalm will be surveyed each Sunday and Wednesday. Add your voice through comments and questions in the Comments section. 

Tuesday Prayer ~ May 19, 2020

Tuesday Prayer

Friends of Wellshire, a prayer for you.

Prayer for the Class of 2020
Compassionate God, for many of us these days feel like an exile. We remember that your people have walked through exile of many different kinds. You walked with them, and you walk with us now, your Spirit is with us. We pray for the senior class of 2020. It’s an honor to join you in affirming and celebrating the creative, athletic, and academic accomplishments of those who are graduating and moving on to the next chapter of their lives. May your grace be sufficient during these strange and uncertain days. We pray for students who did not realize that an ordinary school day just like any other might be their only closure to a lifetime of education as they waved goodbye to each other when the bell rang. Be and abide with the class of 2020.

May they find a deep breath of peace and love when the air is thin. Be with them when their grief wells up and when they mourn the loss of experiences that might have been. As dates of importance pass by unrecognized, sit with them in their grief: over prom, over sports, over awards nights, over graduation. Be and abide with our students, O God.

And now, Holy God, as they move into an uncertain future now more than ever, we entrust them into your care. You have created these beautiful young people in your image. You have created them to live inside a big story, not a small one—your story—the story in which your glory and honor and truth and beauty and grace and love are at the center—the story in which your mission to love people, places, and things to life—to leave the world better than they found it—is the central mission. God, we pray that our graduates’ future schools, homes, neighborhoods, and places of study, of work, play, and worship, would be better places, more life-giving places, because they are in those places. Where they see hurt, give them healing hands and healing words. Where they sense confusion, give them wisdom. Where there perceive beauty, give them a sense of thankfulness and wonder. Where they encounter scarcity, give them a heart and a passion to contribute and serve. May they love and be loved.  

May this season of separated celebration still manage to surprise us all with new life even if it’s not the life that we expected. Help us to experience resurrection in new ways through the person of your Son. We pray for the class of 2020 and for each of us in the name of the one who walks this journey with us, even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Adapted from prayers by the Rev. Michelle Thomas-Bush (Myers Park Presbyterian Church, posted on the Presbyterian Outlook

Online Adult Education Classes

Online Education Classes

Wellshire Church online adult education based on Jill Duffield’s Lent in Plain Sight devotional.

In lieu of our regular classes, Revs. Julia Fenn and Rolfe Granath will be posting video messages with thoughts on Lent in Plain Sight on the Wellshire YouTube channel. Engage through the comments section.

Click here to view.

Help Families at Schmitt Elementary

Schmitt elementary

Helping Schmitt Families

This is a strange time we’re living in. As we are pulled physically apart from our Wellshire community, it’s important to know that our call to serve and love still exists.

With the closure of schools last week, the Schmitt Elementary students are now spending their time at home playing and learning. Thankfully, Denver Public Schools continues to offer breakfast and lunch for those students in need who can get to a few designated sites. However, there are many Schmitt families who cannot travel, or need more support than just food. We have been in touch with our partners at Schmitt Elementary and they have identified 20 families with especially high needs at this time. We now have a wonderful opportunity to serve them while maintaining our social distance.

Blessing Boxes: add a few extra items to your grocery list or Amazon delivery, then drop these items at the door step of a Schmitt family during a designated time. Items can include:

  •  non-perishable food items
  • paper products (TP, paper towels)
  • cleaning supplies
  • books
  • coloring or art supplies
  • letters of support or drawings from your children

Sign up here. Just like with the Hunger Task Force Christmas baskets, you’ll receive the address and phone number of the family to coordinate the drop off (while maintaining distance!).

Maundy Thursday – April 9

Maundy Thursday
Maundy Thursday

A Service Around the Table

Maundy Thursday commemorates Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, and his commandment that they love one another. While we are unable to gather together in person this year, a liturgy is provided for you to remember this holy meal and holy commandment in your home.

You may lead the liturgy yourselves through the script and instructions below, or you may use a video available here. You may also choose to videoconference with others to observe this time and share this meal “virtually.” If you choose to lead the liturgy yourselves, two hymns are available on the Wellshire YouTube channel to play during the meal. If you choose to use the video to lead, the hymns are included there.

The service is designed to take place around your own dinner table, prepared with love and care.

Download Script

Full Service
Two Hymns

Sign Up For the Easter Prayer Vigil – Pray From Home

Easter Prayer Vigil 2020
Easter Prayer Vigil 2020
Have a prayer request for the Easter Prayer Vigil?
Click here and fill out the form.

Easter Prayer Vigil

We will conduct the Easter Prayer Vigil from our homes. Since the church building is closed until further notice, we encourage you to sign-up for a prayer time-slot (see below) and pray from home at the scheduled time. 

Just as Jesus invited his disciples to pray and watch with him the night before he was arrested (Matthew 26), we invite the Wellshire community to join in a vigil of prayer for 40 hours, representing the time between Jesus’ death until His resurrection on Easter morning. This is a wonderful and meditative way to prepare for the celebration of Easter – in prayer and reflection for our community, world, and the expectation of God’s kingdom breaking into ours. The goal is to have continuous prayer throughout the vigil so we’d like to have multiple people (or families) sign-up for each time slot. You can sign up online below.

Click here to sign-up online