Registration for 2021 – 2022 is Now Open!

NOTE: Your child must have been born BEFORE Febraury 28, 2020 to register.

Registration time is upon us! You can begin the registration process by filling out this form (please note: the Registration Fee is non-refundable).

While we attempted to keep tuition costs low, due to increased cleaning protocols and smaller class sizes we have had to raise tuition by a small amount. Our Monday/Tuesday classes will be $330 per month and our Wednesday/Thursday/Friday classes will be $495 per month. Our hope is that these groupings will make for a more regular school year as we adjust to the global health crisis we are living through.

The registration fee of $65 will be due once you have completed this first shorter form. In a confirmation email you will receive a link to a longer registration form that is needed within 30 days to complete your registration. A first months’ tuition will also be due at that time. 

If you have any immediate registration questions, please email me at We look forward to welcoming your family back to the Wellshire PDO this fall!