Pastoral Staff

Program Staff

  • Denise Lanning
    Denise Lanning Pianist
  • Donna Wickham
    Donna Wickham Director of Confluence
  • Tegan Palmer
    Tegan Palmer Director of Celebration Singers
  • Sue Hahn
    Sue Hahn Director of Celebration Ringers
  • Chuck Sparks
    Chuck Sparks Director of Operations
  • Beth Hamstra
    Beth Hamstra Hospitality Director
  • Gail Hartman
    Gail Hartman Director of Parents Day Out
  • Kendal Mullins
    Kendal Mullins Director of Children's Ministries
  • Tim Mietty
    Tim Mietty Communications Manager
  • Abbie Amiotte
    Abbie Amiotte Communications Manager
  • Kris Griffith
    Kris Griffith Receptionist
  • Vinnie Olan
    Vinnie Olan Custodian
  • Juan Basquez
    Juan Basquez Custodian
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