The Rev. Kira Anderson is the Associate Pastor of Christian Formation. Her duties include preaching and pastoral care, adult educational ministries, and the leadership of youth and young adult ministries at Wellshire Church.  Click here for more information on Kira.

Why did you choose to become a minister?

I received my call to be a minister when I was 12 at my Presbyterian overnight camp in North Georgia.  I can’t really explain it but the pastor was telling the crucifixion story with no bells and whistles and I felt called to ministry.  I want to be a minister because of this call but also because I want to help people connect and grow in their faith.  I have a background in education and love to help teach people to see the beauty and complexities of the Bible and living out our faith.

What is your role at Wellshire?

I am the Associate Pastor of Christian Formation.  Including regular Pastor duties such as preaching and hospital visits, I lead and plan youth and young adult ministries. I also work with the Adult Education committee to plan and organize the various education opportunities that Wellshire offers throughout the year.

What is the greatest thing about being a minister (etc.) at Wellshire?

The people. From the youth to the elderly, the members of Wellshire have been kind and welcoming.  They are eager to volunteer and care for their neighbor.

What is the biggest opportunity for our Wellshire community?

I believe it is to be a home and community for young adults in Denver.  Denver is one of the most popular cities in the country for young adults to live in right now.  Young Adults move here throughout the year alone and searching for support and a community.  We can be that community.

What is your favorite bible verse?

Micah 6:8

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in people and books.  There is evil in the world but there are also amazing people working for good everyday amidst this evil and that is my inspiration.

What are the things that make you happiest?

Spending time with my family, especially my nieces and nephews.  We are very close even though we are far apart.

When you’re not at Wellshire, where are you likely to be?

With my husband and playing with my dogs.

What is one thing that very few people know about you?

I have most of the last decade or so of SNL memorized.  If I wasn’t a minister that would have been my dream job.

Marietta, Ga

Childhood Ambition
I have wanted to be a Pastor since I was 12.  Before that I changed my mind every week.  I remember wanting to be a hair stylist one day, a teacher another day, and a comedian another day.

My husband John is also a PCUSA pastor. He currently serves as pastor at a great church in Milliken, Colorado. I also am obsessed with my 5 nieces and nephews although they live in Florida and England.

A golden retriever named Kingsley and a chocolate lab named Lando.  They are amazing.

Favorite Books
The Harry Potter series, I am a huge Potterhead (Harry Potter fan).  I also love mysteries and history.

Favorite Movie
Forrest Gump and The Heat

Favorite place you’ve ever visited and why
In college for my semester abroad I went on Semester at Sea.  We visited 11 different countries.  Of those my favorites were Cambodia and Turkey.  I loved the ruins and Temples in Cambodia.  You could climb and walk through most of them.  They were beautifully hidden in the forests and I watched the sunrise at Angkor Wat. I loved Turkey because the people were so nice and I am a Bible nerd and got to explore the ruins of Ephesus.

Collegiate Background
Presbyterian College 2009
Princeton Theological Seminary 2014