Wellshire Presbyterian Church: Denver, Colorado

Candles in Wellshire's chapelWellshire Presbyterian Church (Denver, Colorado) is a reformed Presbyterian community that offers practical, spiritual guidance and an upbeat message in all we do. We warmly invite you to join us as we strive to learn from, respond to, and live in the way of Jesus Christ!
Wellshire is a mainline Protestant church — a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Our Denver Presbyterian church may be best known for its:

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Blessing of the animalsAccepting, open-minded Presbyterian community

Our Presbyterian church is proud to call Denver “home.” Our congregation consists of approximately 2,000 members of all ages. We are a big Denver church — at least by reformed Presbyterian standards.

Wellshire has a welcoming, “big tent” philosophy. This means we respect diverse opinions and view points. We are an open church that serves a full spectrum of faith. Our Presbyterian community values and supports one another, particularly our young people. We are not about extremes.[/toggle][toggle type=”white” title=”Presbyterian Church (USA)” active=””]

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

To learn more about about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and keep up on its news, visit the PCUSA website.[/toggle][toggle type=”white” title=”Practical, Intelligent Worship” active=””]

Practical, intelligent worship in the reformed Presbyterian tradition

If you are looking for thought-provoking, well-prepared sermons in Denver, explore Wellshire! Led by down-to-earth pastors, our worship is intelligent and relevant. We explore our faith through questions, rather than resolute answers. We empower our Wellshire community to stretch, grow and even laugh.

In the spirit of an open church, we are committed to diverse types of worship, including contemporary and relevant seasonal Presbyterian services. Our most popular service is our traditional Presbyterian service with its rich musical heritage.[/toggle][toggle type=”white” title=”Diverse Church Programs and Mission” active=””]

helping at Habitat for HumanityQuality and diversity of our church programs and mission

There are many ways to get involved in our Presbyterian community. As a big church in Denver, Colorado, we offer a range of high-quality ministries. For example, the Wellshire community is active in:

  • Significant local and global mission efforts, ranging from Habitat for Humanity to Hunger Taskforce.
  • Numerous Christian education opportunities for kids, youth and adults.
  • Exceptional musical ensembles to rejoice and give thanks to God.
  • More than a dozen church fellowship and congregational care groups.[/toggle]

    Share in the Wellshire experience

    If you are looking for a reformed Presbyterian church, Denver is a great place to grow your faith… visit Wellshire Church today!