Church Programs for Adults

Wellshire Presbyterian Church’s building is currently closed, but the educational minsitries of the church continue.

The adult church programs at Wellshire Presbyterian Church in Denver share one aim… to prepare Christian adults to live faithfully, demonstrating Christ’s love to the world. Whether you are a Wellshire member or a visitor, we encourage you to explore our Presbyterian church through our adult ministry.

Adult Bible study and Christian Education Programs

Our Presbyterian church is blessed to have individuals who enjoy taking an intellectual look at faith, spirituality, theology and church history. To support our congregation with rich learning opportunities, we offer a diverse range of Christian education programs, including adult Bible study.

Our educational church programs include:

  • Adult Sunday school classes held at 9 am.
  • Bible study and study groups, including men’s and women’s groups.
  • Exploration courses that provide an in-depth study of special topics.
  • Conferences, workshops or seminars, particularly on faith and society.
  • Adult retreats for spiritual and personal development.
  • Travel and spiritual pilgrimages outside of Denver.

Many of our Bible study classes and educational programs are tailored to adults in similar life stages — such as families, young adults, and women’s groups.

Typically, our adult education programs are facilitated by staff members, individuals or guest speakers who are experts on a particular topic. 

Church Fellowship

Our church fellowship groups are a great source of social, spiritual and service-based activities, if you’re in search of meaningful Christian experiences. We have many fellowship groups — ranging from an intergenerational dinner club, to a book club, to age- and topic-based groups (such as parents with young children).

Additional church programs for adults

Adult Choir

The multi-generational Sanctuary Choir prepares numerous traditional works throughout the year. Rehearsals are Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm. Learn More

Men’s Bible Study

UPDATE: The weekly morning men’s bible study has moved online until further notice. We are connecting via Zoom at 8:00 am on Wednesdays. Email Ted Kempton for login details.

Join the Wellshire Men’s Bible Study on Wednesday of every week from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM. Men of all ages are welcome!

Where: Room 208 – Classroom


Wellshire Knitters

The Wellshire Knitters meet on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am to 11:30 am in room 207.

Congregational Care Ministry

The Wellshire Care Center allows the congregation to enjoy the joy of life and struggle through the sorrows of life together. Through phone calls, cards, prayers, and visits, the Care Team serves the needs of the Wellshire community by making a big church smaller. For info, contact The Rev. Katie Robb Davis.

Online Adult Education

Bible Study Videos
Go to the Wellshire YouTube channel to view a variety of Bible study offerings including Tabletop Theology, a “Light-Hearted Conversation about Serious Topics”. Engage through the YouTube comments section.

21 Day Racial Equity Challenge
You are invited to join us and churches around the nation in a 21-day racial equity challenge. Through exposure to a variety of voices in videos, podcasts, and articles, we can listen, learn and grow, and be equipped to help make real change. Get started here.