Adult Church Programs

The adult church programs at Wellshire Presbyterian Church in Denver share one aim… to prepare Christian adults to live faithfully, demonstrating Christ’s love to the world. Whether you are a Wellshire member or a visitor, we encourage you to explore our Presbyterian church through our adult ministry.

Church fellowship

Our church fellowship groups are a great source of social, spiritual and service-based activities, if you’re in search of meaningful Christian experiences. We have many fellowship groups — ranging from an intergenerational dinner club, to a book club, to age- and topic-based groups (such as parents with young children).

To learn more about Wellshire church fellowship, contact Beth Hamstra.

Adult Bible study and Christian education programs

Our Presbyterian church is blessed to have a congregation of men and women who enjoy taking an intellectual look at faith, spirituality, theology and church history. To support our congregation with rich learning opportunities, we offer a diverse range of Christian education programs, including adult Bible study.

Our educational church programs include:

  • Adult Sunday school classes for various age groups.
  • Bible study and study groups, including men’s and women’s groups.
  • Exploration courses that provide an in-depth study of special topics.
  • Conferences, workshops or seminars, particularly on faith and society.
  • Adult retreats for spiritual and personal development.
  • Travel and spiritual pilgrimages outside of Denver.

Many of our Bible study classes and educational programs are tailored to adults in similar life stages — such as families, young adults, and women’s groups.

Typically, our adult education programs are facilitated by staff members, individuals or guest speakers who are experts on a particular topic. Explore our adult Christian education in more detail.

Additional church programs for adults

Our adult ministry extends far beyond church fellowship and Christian education. Our adult church programs also include:

To see upcoming adult programs at Wellshire church, please visit our events calendar.

Events for Adults Calendar