Adult Christian Education

A Presentation in the ChapelThrough the Christian education programs at Wellshire Presbyterian Church, we strive to give our congregation diverse biblical learning opportunities. As students of Christianity, we enjoy thinking deeply and critically about our faith together — and we savor the laughter and fellowship that comes with it!

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Our philosophy

Wellshire’s adult education program has a defined scope and plan. We’ve found that people in similar life stages have a need to share with others. That’s why many of our classes, retreats, Bible studies and Sunday round tables are centered around people in parallel circumstances or age groups.

We are committed to exploring intellectually and spiritually challenging topics. Topics may range from deep exploration of the Bible to special interest themes — such as ecology and spirituality; end of life issues; or faith and society.

Our classes attract people from a wide variety of intellectual, academic and theological backgrounds. You are welcome to join the discussion!

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Our Christian education classes tend to fall into two categories:

  • Process driven classes. In these classes, the most important aspect is sharing ideas and discussion as a group. The content itself doesn’t drive the class experience.
  • Content classes. In these classes, the educational content drives the class. Examples of our content classes include our exploration courses in history and theology, spirituality, the Bible, and faithful living.

Most of our Christian education classes are open and don’t require advance sign up. A few classes, such as our exploration courses, require registration, homework activities, and an ongoing commitment. While many of our classes take place on Sunday, we do offer a variety of mid-week classes as well.[/toggle][toggle type=”white” title=”Special Education Opportunities” active=””]

Special educational opportunities

In addition to formal classes, we believe in less traditional learning formats, including:

  • Weekend conferences and workshops with lectures and discussions.
  • Special events with guest speakers.
  • Personal and spiritual retreats.
  • Spiritual-based travel and pilgrimages.

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How to participate

For information on upcoming educational opportunities, visit our events calendar.