Congregational Care

At Wellshire Presbyterian Church, it is the congregation that ultimately cares for one another. To say that we are a congregation that cares is to make a statement about the way we treat one another during mundane and extraordinary moments in our lives.

While we have numerous formal ministries of care, there are many informal groups that celebrate and lament the experiences they share with one another. Please take a moment to learn about:

The celebration of significant moments

We live out a theology of care and love by celebrating with our members the significant moments of their lives. This means:

  • We celebrate the births of their children.
  • We anticipate their baptism and confirmation.
  • We look forward to their graduations and the many new steps they take in life from college, to jobs, marriage and so forth.

Even our memorial services reveal a celebration of a life well-lived in faithfulness to God and one another.

Support during times of struggle

We also acknowledge that life does not always adhere to our carefully laid plans. Therefore, we have set ourselves up to remember people in moments of struggle and strife. In these significant experiences, we offer support and a caring hand for the journey that lies before those who are grieving, in pain or feeling lost in the world.

We offer this believing that God is always with us, hoping to provide a small glimpse of God’s ever present love in all facets of life.

Wellshire’s Caring Ministries

The Care Center (aka Concern Center)

The Wellshire Care Center (aka Concern Center) provides a vital point of contact for many of the members of Wellshire. From phone calls to cards, bulletins to worship CDs, the Wellshire Care Center is a central component to our caring ministries.

If there are significant milestones that the church can help celebrate or lament, please contact us at (303) 758-2233 or


The deacons at Wellshire provide a variety of caring ministries for the Wellshire faith community. We deliver flowers and communion to those who are homebound. Through the Deacon Friends ministry, the deacons find ways of supporting various families in the church.

See the Deacon Resources Page.

Chancel Flowers

Donating Chancel flowers is a unique way to honor or remember a loved one, beautify the Traditional Worship service and give someone a pick-me-up.

Flowers are requested to grace the Chancel in the Sanctuary each Sunday; special recognition is given to the person to whom they are dedicated in the announcement pages.  After the service, the bouquet is divided and delivered by Deacons to cheer members who are homebound or in the hospital.

Each bouquet is $75.00.  Please contact Beth HamstraDirector of Congregational Life, to recognize the life or celebrate the accomplishments of a loved one with this Wellshire tradition!

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain is a ministry of care provided confidentially to those who request it. Prayer requests will be shared with the pastoral staff and a group of congregation members dedicated to praying for those in need. To be added to or become a member of the prayer chain, email the Prayer Chain.

Wellshire Knitters

The Wellshire Knitters meet to share in fellowship with one another and knit prayer shawls for members of Wellshire in need. To get more information about this wonderful ministry, please contact Pat Van Bramer.

Sewing Fellowship

The Sewing Fellowship sews the quilts that are presented to children upon their baptism. For more information, please email Carol Britt.