Wellshire Presbyterian Church offers church volunteer opportunities in Denver, Colorado and around the world.

New Genesis serving lineWe are a “missional church,” meaning we believe the Holy Spirit is creatively active throughout the world, and we are called to share in God’s work. Through church missions and other volunteer work, we discover our common humanity and share “concrete experiences of seeing Christ in the guise of a stranger.

If you wish to serve, Wellshire offers several types of church volunteer opportunities:

  • Local and global church missions
  • Church volunteer work within Wellshire

We invite you to get involved as a missions volunteer or a volunteer at church.

Local and global missions: Volunteer work around the world

Our local mission work focuses on Denver. Our global volunteer opportunities extend across the United States and around the world. Through both types of church missions, there are many opportunities to serve in creative ways (see below):

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Local & Global Examples

  • Work mission trips. We offer hands-on mission trips, ranging from building homes to digging wells to serving meals. Our work mission trips vary in length, from a few hours, to a weekend, to a long week. These volunteer trips take place nearby in Denver, across the country (such as in New Orleans), and in other countries (such as in Guatemala and Nepal).
  • Educational mission trips. Educational mission trips are about experiential learning. For each missions volunteer, it’s about seeking to know and respect one another across cultures. Travelers have their eyes, hearts and minds opened in curiosity, respect, humility and greater cultural understanding.
  • Youth mission trips and young adult mission trips. The Wellshire congregation is very committed to its young people. We often support work and educational mission trips for our youth and young adults. For example, Wellshire hosted a youth mission trip to Guatemala and a young adult mission trip to the Gulf Coast (post-Katrina).
  • Spiritual pilgrimages. Spiritual mission trips enable individuals and teams of travelers to become more in tune with their faith and inner spirit. Examples of Wellshire pilgrimages include sending musicians to Moscow for a musical journey of exploration and grace, and sending a group on a theological pilgrimage to New York City to study profound 20th Century theologians and visit theological sites.
  • Global guest speakers. Wellshire welcomes guests from around the world to our church in Colorado, including “mission coworkers” (missionaries), authors and musicians. Through worship, classes and conferences, our guests provide insights into other cultures and share stories of church volunteer work around the globe. We’ve had guests from Bangladesh, Haiti and Zimbabwe, to name a few.
  • Taskforces and cause-related groups. We have several independent, ministry volunteer groups within Wellshire, such as our Hunger Taskforce and Green Group Ministry. These groups are committed to local and global causes. Their volunteer activities range from strategic planning to coordinating volunteer activities and projects. These cause-related ministry groups are a great way for new people to get connected at Wellshire!

Would you like to get involved in local or global mission? Please visit our events calendar or read your Weekly Bulletin (distributed at worship) for upcoming volunteer opportunities. You also may contact Kris Griffith. [/toggle][toggle type=”white” title=”Volunteer at Wellshire” active=””]

Volunteer work within our church

Wellshire has a variety of on-site church volunteer opportunities, ranging from parking lot attendants to working in our Fair Trade Shoppe. Learn about ways to get involved at Wellshire. [/toggle][toggle type=”white” title=”Other Opportunities” active=””]

Other volunteer opportunities

The World Community Grid brings people together from across the globe to create the largest non-profit computing grid benefiting humanity.  By pooling surplus processing power from volunteers’ computers, World Community Grid combines innovation with visionary scientific research in an effort to solve medical and humanitarian needs — and ultimately make the planet smarter.  Learn more about joining the Wellshire Presbyterian Church team and the secure, free software that captures your computer’s spare power when it is on but idle. [/toggle]

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