Christian Youth Groups 

We have two active Christian youth groups at Wellshire Presbyterian Church. Our youth ministry includes a middle school youth group (grades 6 – 8) and a high school youth group (grades 9 – 12). Our youth groups are open to any Christian teenager or preteen. Contact Carl Anderson, to get involved!

Typical Sunday Night Youth Group Schedule

  • 5:00-6:00 Middle School (Youth Suite)
  • *6:00-6:30 Dinner Senior High and Middle School (Fellowship Hall)
  • 6:30-7:30 Senior High Small Group * (Youth Suite)

* After dinner is finished, Middle School programming is done. If a middle schooler is riding home with a senior high student or a parent does not want to pick up their youths at 6:30 pm and 7:45 pm, the Middle School student may stay for MS Study Hall. They will be in the classroom supervised where they can do homework or play on their phones while the Senior High students have Bible study with Kira in the couch area. If any Middle Schoolers stay after 6:30 pm at the church, they must attend MS Study Hall for safety reasons.

Why participate?

Our Christian youth groups provide a strong faith community for middle school and high school students.  They’re a great way for teenagers to:

  • Explore and grow their relationship with God.
  • Discuss and learn about relevant topics.
  • Serve others through mission work.
  • Make new friends and develop a great support network.
  • Travel for mission trips or fellowship (high school youth group).

How our church youth groups work

Both of our Christian youth groups meet on Sunday evenings at Wellshire Church. The groups start together in shared discussion. Then, they split apart for relevant games and youth activities. Finally, the groups come back together for worship and singing (the latter under the musical leadership of our youth music group).

Our high school group is also active outside the walls of Wellshire Church. Their youth activities include service work, such as building homes for Habitat. The senior high group also goes on local social outings, such as ski trips.

Sunday school for middle school youth

In addition to Christian youth groups, Wellshire Church offers Sunday school programs for middle school youth. These classes use media, music and film to bring scripture and other relevant topics to life.

2015 Confirmands

Confirmation for teenagers going into high school

We encourage youth going into high school (typically, those in 9th grade) to sign up for Confirmation. Lasting from fall to spring, this youth program gives teenagers an opportunity to explore and learn about their Presbyterian faith. For details on our Confirmation program, please contact Katie Robb Davis.

Confirmation at Wellshire seeks to provide youth in 9th grade and older with a foundational understanding of our faith, traditions, and what it means to be Presbyterian culminating with the opportunity to join Wellshire as a member at the end of the program.